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Update on final delivery

Good news arrived today – the shipment of books has cleared customs and been delivered to the distributors. The books have subsequently been despatched with urgency and are expected in Wanaka by 1st September at the latest. As soon as they arrive they will be packaged and set out for delivery. The books will be despatched in the order they were purchased – some of those orders are from as far back as October 2021, – and it may take a couple of days to get them all away.

This is the final reminder to let me know if you’ve changed address since you purchased your book(s). Thanks for all your responses so far.

The book is launching here in Wanaka on 1st September and I’ve taken steps to get adequate supplies sent by courier, plus some hand delivered boxes, in order to cover all bases. It has been an adventure jumping through the hoops of supply chains and weather delay issues, but I believe we’ve got it covered. If you bought a book and are now coming to the launch, you’re welcome to pick up your copy on the night. If you haven’t yet gotten a ticket for the launch, you can still get tickets here. It will be a fun night.

Thanks again for your support with this project. The wait is almost over!

Until the next time,


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