The Southern Alps

Seeking The Light – Climbing all 24 of New Zealand’s Highest Mountains

The Kickstarter crowdfunding page is now live. Go and see what the book is all about and please back this creative project.

Pre sales are now open on Kickstarter

Seeking the Light is a hardback book of high alpine adventure to the top of all 24 of New Zealand’s highest mountains and is packed with original photography and inspiring writing. But it’s more than just pretty pictures and epic tales; it also explores the thrill of the unknown, why we crave a connection with nature and why we are drawn to wild environments. Extensive research and personal experience weaves together with insight into the power of nature and adventure on our mental health.

Mountaineering and adventure can be life changing for those willing to tune into its lessons, and I have been listening to and learning these lessons for over 20 years. Through stunning photography and a compelling story, you can enjoy the journey too.

Whether you plan to climb a real or metaphorical mountain, let me inspire you to reach for your polarising lenses or reading glasses; let me guide you through some of the most stunning terrain in the Southern Alps, across ridge tops and up steep south faces. Join me on some of the finest high alpine adventures. Be inspired.

What is Kickstarter/ crowdfunding?

Thanks for asking. The crowd get to decide if this book project is worth printing, and Kickstarter is a reliable crowdfunding platform that takes care of that process. It’s normal to receive bonuses for being an early backer. Go and check out what I’ve offered here.

I’ve calculated what printing and production will cost and if we reach that target with enough backers, only then will you be charged. If it doesn’t reach the financial target, the pledgers/ backers won’t be charged. So the pledge from backers is a mark of faith in the creative project, and a willingness to see it through to the end. If it resonates with you and you think your cousin Bob, or Auntie Nina would appreciate this for their next Birthday/ Christmas/ Mothers Day or just because you love them, then pick a pledge level and when we reach the target your rewards will be sent to your nominated address.

Once you back the book you will be kept up to date on production, right up to delivery.

Until the next time, Gavin


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