seeking the light proofing

Proofing of ‘Seeking the Light’ complete. Printing and Binding Begins

I can confirm that the book printing (in China) will begin asap as we’ve given the green light for final production to commence. I received and approved an unbound copy today and it’s looking incredible. I’m thrilled to see all the time spent tinkering has paid off, and the colour rendition, ink and paper all look superb.

The next major update from me will come when the books are leaving the Chinese mainland. This has proven to be one of the supply chain bottlenecks over the last couple of years, but is currently flowing pretty well. Then, the following unknown is unloading times in New Zealand. Rest assured that as soon as the books are in my possession they will be delivered to all of you who have so generously backed this project. Expect a further update soon.

If you haven’t already secured a copy or need another, you can do so here

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