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How to obtain a copy of Seeking The Light

In just over a weeks time my Kickstarter crowdfunding page will go live – pending approval – and you will be able to back the project and have the book delivered to your door. The cover design has been developed (see above) along with the layout which will be revealed in the next blog post.

Over the last several months I’ve been keeping a close eye on the weather, mainly to get back to doing what I love most – adventuring in nature – but mostly I’ve been venturing into the world of publishing and I’ve learnt a great deal.

In June I ventured up the East Face of Mt Sefton. Although I’d climbed Mt Sefton via the North Ridge for the book, I was interested in climbing a new route with new and old friends. The opportunity to take advantage of good conditions but only a marginal weather forecast was tempting enough for me to make an attempt. I decided to turn around before I got too committed. My friends continued to establish a new direct route.

Sam Smoothy and Ruari Macfarlane at the foot of the East Face of Mt Sefton
Sam Smoothy and Ruari Macfarlane at the foot of the East Face of Mt Sefton

My secondary objective was to film and photograph Sefton from a different angle and have complementary photographs and film available for the project. The forecast did not look likely to provide for much more than a whiteout and strong winds, but in terms of completing an epic adventure, my friends succeeded. It took them 24 hours door to door.

In case you didn’t know, the objective for the book was to climb and photograph all 24 of the NAMED peaks. That has been completed. I still plan to climb the last remaining sub peaks in the longer list of 32 and I have just four left to climb. There are more than just these two lists and I go into detail about these in the book.

Another short fine spell appeared in late June that allowed me to travel to the West Ridge of Mt Darwin (just under 3,000 metres) to capture some sunset and night time images of Mt Hamilton and Malte Brun. Here’s a sneak peak…

Mt Hamilton & Malte Brun by moonlight

And last week, just prior to lockdown, I climbed and photographed at the 10th annual Remarkables Ice and Mixed Festival. It is New Zealand’s largest gathering of ice climbers and despite attendees travelling from all over the country it thankfully didn’t become the epicentre of a Covid outbreak. The weather was generous in its diversity – one day of bluebird skies after fresh snow; and one day of cloud, snow and windchill.

I got to meet and mingle once again with many of the regular and new faces of New Zealand climbing and the support for the book from the community has been phenomenal. People tell me they’re excited about it and I’m in total agreement.

The Remarkables & Queenstown from the Queens Drive ice climbing venue
The Remarkables & Queenstown from the Queens Drive ice climbing venue

This week I’ve been able to get to the bottom of printing and freight costings and can now have much better certainty about the release of the book. I’ll be sure to remind you once the Kickstarter page is live. Thank you once again for following this project, for your patience and your support.

Until the next time, Gavin


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8 thoughts on “How to obtain a copy of Seeking The Light”

  1. Thanks for the update Gavin. Looking forward to it.
    I run into Paul Rogers down here on Stewart Island he was at our SAR agm helping with some planing. Got talking of course, hoping to get out with him somewhere.

    1. Thank you Craig. Didn’t know you were on the Stewart Island SAR team… keep up the great work. Had a family visit down there this time last year and really enjoyed it. Have fun in the hills and stay safe.

    1. Yes, we cater to all manner of shopping styles, so fill your boots. I trust you’ll have all your Christmas presents sorted with this collection. Thanks Alastair. I’ll tell the postman to get a bigger van.

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