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Book edit and design complete

There have been a number of significant milestones reached since I last posted and I’d like to share those with you. After many months of writing, editing, revising, reviewing and designing I am pleased to tell you that all the tinkering is coming to an end.

potton and burton

Potton & Burton will publish Seeking the Light, and it is a great honour to be associated with their publications. Well before the shooting and writing for this project began, I approached them simply because I recognised the quality of their books. I have many of their nature, photography and outdoor themed publications on my bookshelf and I was very pleased to get a positive response.

In the meantime a global pandemic intervened and I decided to self publish. Without the same guiding possibilities, plus more time on my hands, I figured I could get the book into your hands at a lower cost, and a better return. But I learnt that there’s a lot more to self publishing than meets the eye. I needed the wisdom, insight and experience of an established and respected publishing house. I returned to P&B with a completed manuscript and they welcomed me back. I had a robust team in place already, but I can assure you that the production quality has gone to the next level with their expertise.

address change

Address check and address changes: Many of you will be receiving your first correspondence from me via this email address. That means I’ve been spared from the recycle bin, or recognised as a non threatening email address. That’s good, because if you don’t hear my calls prior to distribution and you have changed your physical address, your book may go astray. Before I begin distributing the book I will check in again via email and social media for any last minute address changes.

On that note, if this is the first email you are receiving then you probably didn’t get a confirmation email when you purchased the book. Please take this as confirmation that your order was received, processed and greatly appreciated. Your credit card deduction is a confirmation of sorts, but if you want a receipt from me, please drop me a line at:

seeking the light book

The timeline for delivery remains on track. Over the coming weeks P&B will be proofing both the text and test proofing the colour print both here and then in China. We expect to take shipment into New Zealand in July and distribute the pre orders by 1st August. If you would like to order more copies that will arrive before the official release date, you can place orders here.

That’s all for now. Thanks again for supporting this book project.

Until the next time,



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8 thoughts on “Book edit and design complete”

    1. Hi Charles. Thank you. Likely price will be $99 or less – this was my estimate – but Potton & Burton will have finally say on this and will do some final costings now that we know how many pages there are. Printing and freight is making these estimates tricky, but we’re closer to printing now. The final price will likely be in my next blog post around end of March/ early April.

    1. Thanks Pedro. You’ll enjoy some of the surprises, as well as some of your creative suggestions showing up in there. Chur

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