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A few bound copies have landed; shipment en route

Great news: A few advance copies of ‘Seeking The Light’ arrived into New Zealand and I’ve received one to check over. I’m very pleased to feel the hardback in my hand; the binding, paper and colours are all superb.

The rest of the books are expected to arrive here by 4th August. Customs clearance has been slow lately but we hope to be posting out copies of the book by 20th August. I will keep you informed of any developments.

The book will officially go on sale in book stores on 12th September, but you can expect to receive it well before then, if postage delivery goes smoothly.

We will have the official book launch in Wanaka on 1st September and my next update will be details of the venue and any other confirmed dates in New Zealand. Books will be on sale at each of these events.

I’d love to see you in Wanaka if you can make it. It will be the only place you can buy advance copies (apart from pre orders here) before they go on sale in bookstores on 12th September.


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